Free In-Home Assessment

Our standard response time to complete an initial evaluation is within 24 hours and admission within 48 hours of receiving a referral to hospice.

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Stories from Clients

We will soon have testimonials to share with you. Please visit the Comfort Care Hospice website as often as possible for updates.

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Insurance Accepted

We accept Medicare, Medicaid and various insurance plans and all hospice services are offered at no out of pocket costs to the beneficiary.

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Comfort Care Hospice Client Satisfaction Survey

Comfort Care Hospice survey for quality hospice care

We at Comfort Care Hospice understand that the need for end of life care affects many people around the patient. While our goal is to focus on the patient’s comfort and ease of living, we also recognize the great sensitivity of the investment made in our services. We want to provide the patient with the best care we can so that they can receive the most out of their time with you, and you with them.

And because we know the great strain on families during end of life situations, we want to make our services as unobtrusive as we can. That’s why we offer the Comfort Care Hospice Client Satisfaction Survey. This survey gives you ample space to rate the care your loved one received, whether it was hospice care, end of life care, palliative care, respite care, home health care, or inpatient care. We hope you’ll take the extra time to explain your evaluation of Comfort Care Hospice in the comment box at the end of the survey regarding whether you’d recommend our hospice care services to friends or family, too.

Below, we offer brief explanations of why we’ve selected the categories of information quality, efficiency, responsiveness to feedback, and overall quality of our services for our evaluative survey.

Quality of Information

What you see when you read our Comfort Care Hospice website is partially the result of many surveys taken before. Our website should stand as a representation of our services, and as such, it should meet the same standard of quality we put into our hospice care, respite care, elderly care, inpatient care, palliative care, and home health care services. We hope that the information we put forth is true to our mission. Please let us know how we’ve done.


Our efficiency is, in part, a measure of the quality of our care for the patient. However, it is also a measure of how gently our staff was able to meet the needs of your family’s unique situation. Especially in longer cases of home health care services and palliative care, you may have many close interactions with our staff. Let us know how friendly we were, or what we could do to be more sensitive to cases as they arise.

Responsiveness to Feedback

This will let us know how well you see us implementing changes based on your concerns. Our goal is to make this transitional period which makes our hospice care services so needed as manageable for you as we can, so let us know how we did.

Comfort Care Hospice Serves You

Overall, this survey helps us serve you better. Please take a minute to voice any concerns or compliments you may have about our hospice care, respite care, end of life care, or any other care we provided. We at Comfort Care Hospice are happy to receive and respond to feedback by implementing better hospice care practices.

Do you have anything to say about our services? Please send your comments and rate our Comfort Care Hospice staff in the online form here.

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