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Benefits of Early Admission to Hospice Care

early admission to hospice care

Many widely-held misconceptions about hospice care prevent patients from seeking care early. Some people think that hospice patients are “forgotten” or “dismissed” when they receive end of life care. This kind of thinking is not only incorrect, but it could also make the patient’s end-of-life experience more difficult than it needs to be if it delays admission to hospice care.

Conversely, admission to end of life care at the time of a prognosis of six or fewer months to live while the patient is in stable condition can yield healthful and positive results for the patient and family. This also gives them time to transition into a new form of care without the rush and stress of last-minute arrangements. Because we at Comfort Care Hospice in Dallas are dedicated to easing strain on all parties involved with end of life care situations, we hope that you’ll consider early admission to hospice care. Below, we’ll discuss some of the benefits that both patients and family can expect from early admission.


End of life care is often thought of as simply transitional care – something to ease the patient’s passage. This is one function of hospice care, but only once it becomes necessary. Early admission into comfort care hospice means that the care can be more life-directed, focusing on improving the patient’s condition, relationships, sense of well-being, and potentially extending the patient’s life beyond the prognosis. Generally, early admission to hospice care means that the patient can plan on experiencing reduced stress that would otherwise be caused by trips to and from hospitals and doctor’s offices. There is also a much lesser likelihood of emergency trips to the ER. In sum, this means that patients have more energy and attention to give to preparing advanced directives or other arrangements, or to enjoying time with the people around them.


While hospice care typically focuses on the patient, it still eases pressures on the families around them, making the whole process easier for everyone. Generally, early admission means that families will have more time to become acclimated to a difficult situation, and often they’ll be able to do this in the comfort of a familiar space. Families will have more time to get to know the hospice care staff with whom they’ll be working to make final arrangements, yielding more open and friendly relationships than if care were to be sought last-minute. Families will also have more access and ability to participate in their relative’s end of life care, which can help them strengthen their relationships and become more comfortable with the circumstances as they are.

Early Admission to Hospice Care in Dallas

Let us help you make your loved one’s end of life care as gentle as they deserve. Consider early admission to hospice care at Comfort Care Hospice in Dallas. You can reach us at 888-330-8483 or email us at, and we’ll be happy to discuss your arrangements.

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