Free In-Home Assessment

Our standard response time to complete an initial evaluation is within 24 hours and admission within 48 hours of receiving a referral to hospice.

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Stories from Clients

We will soon have testimonials to share with you. Please visit the Comfort Care Hospice website as often as possible for updates.

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Insurance Accepted

We accept Medicare, Medicaid and various insurance plans and all hospice services are offered at no out of pocket costs to the beneficiary.

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End of Life Care

Nurse Providing End of Life Care

Advanced diseases and conditions can be devastating for a family. When a disease advances to a certain point, it can be hard to deal with the emotional and physical requirements of taking care of yourself or a sick family member. Comfort Care Hospice offers end of life care to make this process as manageable and as comfortable as possible for both the patient and their family. Remember, end of life care isn’t giving up, it’s a way to make the patient as comfortable as possible and manage symptoms.

What End of Life Care Entails

If a patient has been given a prognosis of six months or less, they qualify for end of life care. End of life care has many benefits for the patient that make it preferable to not receiving hospice. One benefit is that, according to various studies, patients receiving hospice tend to live longer. When a patient receives end of life care, we are able to service them at their home, at a family member’s home, at an assisted living center, or wherever is most comfortable. One of the biggest aspects of hospice care is the amount of comfort it provides the patient. Besides allowing patients to receive care in their own home, we focus on keeping our patients pain-free, reducing the stress of symptoms, and providing physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort.

With our end of life care, we provide you all the health care service you’ll need. This includes access to physicians, nurses, home health aides, social workers, chaplains, and pharmacy services. Your home health aide will visit daily, and the nurse will visit a minimum of once a week to a maximum of daily if needed. Every 14 days, the chaplain and social worker will visit. We will do everything we can to manage pain with medications and therapies that we believe will help your unique case. We care deeply about our patients at Comfort Care Hospice, and we value giving our patients the support they need.

Comfort Care Hospice is Here For You

To receive the best end of life care available for you or your family member, contact Comfort Care Hospice today. We will find out your specific medical needs, and we do everything we can to keep our patients comfortable on their difficult journeys. No one should face detrimental medical conditions alone. If you or a family member are in need of end of life care, Comfort Care Hospice is here for you.


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